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Cyril Harberd

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Longest serving band member Cyril Harberd sadly passed away on 21st June 2016. Cyril has played with Warminster Brass Band for over 28 years, having been there almost from when the band initially reformed in 1986. He has also been one of our most dedicated players; as the drummer, he was always first to arrive and the last to leave. He was rarely without the old tape recorder he used to record most of our rehearsals and concerts. He was also an active member of the committee.

Despite suffering a stroke several years ago, his strength and determination enabled him to recover. He continued enthusiastically drumming with the band for several more years, until last year he could no longer physically carry on. Dedicated as ever, he was concerned about letting the band down and was trying to find a replacement drummer for us.

He never let the band down, and although we might find another drummer, we can never replace Cyril.

The band will be at his funeral on 8th July, to say goodbye with a piece he requested: “What a Wonderful World”.

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